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We wish to welcome you to our website.  We offer you the best custom-designed programs for laser hair removal, electrolysis and problem skin. We provide our customers with expert, licensed and fully qualified staff and use the best equipment in the business. Please be aware that pricing for different parts of the anatomy are difficult to estimate without seeing the hair quantity, density, color and judging the practitioner's time involved. So, feel free to call and schedule a FREE CONSULTATION and laser test spot. We encourage prospective customers to research any information on laser hair removal, laser hair removal prices, types of lasers, procedures and competitors' websites. We are proud to offer the GentleLASE Pro® class IV type laser which gives our clients greater satisfaction than those that have chosen other laser types or non-laser competitors. Our kind staff will guide you through your journey to have beautiful and hair-free skin!

Our lasers are safe, effective, fast & FDA approved.
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Unwanted hair can be an annoying and embarrassing problem for many women, men and teens.  Most people have tweezed, shaved, waxed or used depilatories with only temporary results, most often creating a problem with increased hair growth, in-grown hairs, etc.

Electrolysis on large areas, such as a man's chest and back, or a woman's arms, legs and bikini area, though permanent, can take a few years to realize results. Our technically advanced lasers can remove hair from large areas faster and with great satisfaction. Many of our clients choose a program with both electrolysis and laser hair removal procedures.  Our FREE consultation will provide you with a custom designed program for your hair removal needs. You will be provided with a complete breakdown of pricing and discount packages we offer for multiple treatments. Having the worry and problem of unwanted hair solved enhances self image and boosts self-esteem. 

Our office uses the highest standards of clinical sterilization in a friendly, confidential setting. Our fully licensed facility and staff will ensure your comfort during your visits. We look forward to serving you!

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